Dr. A's Private Linux Server

Philosophy of Life: I don't have to worry about my success in the world as long as I turn my entire life over to God. If I'm doing everything to the glory of God, and He sees me as successful, I am truly successful. This is the peace that passes all understanding. - Scot Anderson.

This is Dr. A's personal linux server. It serves some basic things that I use on linux. It is for my own personal use, but I frequently host resources for my classes here. The background picture is of Orient Beach in St. Martin and yes those feet belong to us.

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Dr. A's Philosophy of Education

You go to college to prove to your future employer that you have the ability to use higher order, critical thinking skills, to apply logic to problems and to show that you have mastered the English language. Your degree proves that you have demonstrated aptitude and basic knowledge in your area and that you have a basis on which to build a successful career. Why pursue a liberal arts education? So you can appreciate the wonderful things in the past without repeating past mistakes in the future. Why pursue a Christian education? As a Christian, I have seen too many people encounter meaninglessness as an underlying philosophy and being exposed to it daily despair of life completely. In Christian education we aspire to bring you in constant contact with the creator of the universe and savior of the world. In Him we can live and have being. Without Him, we can have only "das Nichts nichtet." - Scot Anderson